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Get a 20% discount and enjoy free worldwide shipping when you order 5 or more sets of ‘Handwriting Copybooks‘ by Nadezhda Lukonkova or ‘Simple Books‘ by Nina Romanova.”

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материалы специально

If you are a private tutor or run a small school, please feel free to contact us at info@linguamedia.co.uk with your specific requests or preferences. We are committed to finding a mutually beneficial solution to meet your needs!

Special offer for the new academic year!

If you are still wondering how to best teach a bilingual child proper cursive handwriting in Russian, why not consider our specially designed ‘Handwriting Copybooks’ by N. Lukonkova, developed in the UK? Would you like to see for yourself? Download a sample lesson from our website, review the contents of all the workbooks, and register your interest in our offer as soon as possible.

We are completely confident that all students and teachers will enjoy using our materials, and the results will not be long in coming!

Students from schools in different countries across the world have been benefiting from N. Lukonkova’s “Copybooks”. To ensure you receive information directly from the source, we are prepared to arrange a webinar with teachers from England and the publication’s editor for you.

  • Only a school representative may complete the registration form. Please fill out one application per school