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The new “Easy Stories” series is designed for children who can read a few sentences independently.

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Dear adults!

The new “Easy Stories” series is designed for children who are already familiar with our “Easy Books” and can read a few sentences independently. At this stage, it’s essential that the story in the book resonates with the child’s personal experiences and sparks their desire to share.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised as children read our “Easy Stories”, they will begin recounting their own adventures: “Remember when we went to the beach…”, “When I visited my grandma…”, “I also go to the swimming pool…”. This is precisely why we developed this new series. After all, we read to explore others’ experiences and compare them with our own.

All “Easy Stories” are written in the first person and narrated by children, making the text more relatable and understandable for young readers. If a child finds reading the entire page challenging, try reading the sentences one by one. Shared reading is a unique experience, creating memories that will linger in the family for a long time. Adults can also read “Easy Stories” to children who have not yet mastered their reading skills.

Our “Easy Stories” are inspired by real events, with the names of participants changed. Enjoy reading and sharing!

Record your child’s stories and send them to us!


About Little Wheels 9781911565499
About a Mask and a Telescope 9781911565505
About a Cat, a Rabbit, and a Fox 9781911565512
About Ghosts 9781911565529


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    “Простые истории”

    Потрясающая новая серия! Любимая дочкина книга – “Про приведения”. Захватывающий сюжет, прекрасный язык и великолепные иллюстрации. Перечитываем эти книги постоянно и ждем новых!

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