Russian Alphabet Poster (size A2)


This beautiful Russian Alphabet Poster is the perfect way to learn the Russian language! Featuring a vibrant and colorful design, this poster is sure to brighten up any room. | Russian Alphabet | Alphabet Poster | Kids Room Decor | Poster size: A2 (420 x 594)

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A bright poster with intriguing and memorable images will help your little one learn the letters of the Russian alphabet and decorate any room.

Our poster allows a child to establish a clear connection between sound and letter, enabling them to learn to read easily and confidently more quickly. To achieve this goal, the visual aid follows the following principles:

  • The poster features only lowercase letters of the Russian alphabet, as their quick recognition is crucial for reading instruction
  • Vowel letters are marked in red
  • All objects next to the vowels а, о, у, э, and и start with the corresponding sound
  • Object names next to the vowels я, ю, е, ё begin with these letters
  • Hard consonants are indicated in blue, and all objects next to hard consonants start with the respective hard consonant sound
  • Always-soft consonants are highlighted in green, and all objects next to these consonants start with the soft consonant sound
  • Soft sign and hard sign are depicted in light gray, as they do not represent sounds
  • The principle of writing the letter for the first sound or sounds in a word is maintained on the poster. There is no image next to the vowel letter “ы” as Russian words do not begin with this sound

The unique style of animated representation of objects, characteristic of the artist Yevgeniya Golubeva, will undoubtedly spark a child’s interest and questions. In our view, this is conducive to the development of early-age language processes.

Learn letters with a smile, interest, and enjoyment!

We wish you success in this important endeavor.

Желаем успехов в этом важном деле.

Poster size A2 (420 x 594), silk paper, thickness 250gsm.

The poster is delivered in a tube via the United Kingdom’s postal service to worldwide destinations.

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