Cards for Learning Russian Letters


Enhance Russian letter learning with our interactive cards! Foster strong sound-letter connections for confident reading using engaging exercises. These downloadable cards provide an educational and enjoyable way to teach. Perfect for individual or group learning.


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“Cards for Learning Russian Letters” can be used as a supplement to the “Russian Alphabet” poster or as standalone educational material. The set includes cards with images of all Russian alphabet letters and corresponding objects, except for the vowel Ы and soft/hard signs.

The main goal of using cards is to establish a clear connection between sounds and letters, facilitating easy and confident reading. This instructional tool adheres to the following principles:

  • Cards feature lowercase Russian alphabet letters only, as their quick recognition is crucial for reading instruction
  • Vowel letters are marked in red
  • Objects next to vowels а, о, у, э, и begin with the respective sound
  • Objects next to vowels я, ю, е, ё start with these letters
  • Hard consonants are marked in blue, and objects next to them begin with the hard consonant sound
  • Always soft consonants are marked in green, and objects next to them begin with the soft consonant sound
  • Soft and hard signs are marked in light gray as they don’t represent sounds
  • The principle of writing the letter of the first sound is maintained. For instance, there is no picture next to the vowel letter “ы” as Russian words don’t begin with this sound

Cards enable various exercises with your child:

  • Find the Right Letter“: Display cards with 2-3 letters like с, ш, з, and match a picture which name begins with one of them, like сыр (cheese). Have the child name the picture, identify its first sound, find the card with that sound (с), and place it next to the cheese (сыр) card.
  • Find the Word“: Arrange pictures of cheese (сыр), clouds (облака), and cactus (кактус) in a row. Present cards with letters с, о, к, and 2-3 “extra” letters. Have the child name the picture, highlight the first sound, and find the corresponding letter card. Place the card with the letter с below the cheese (сыр) picture, and cards о and к below the cloud (облака) and cactus (кактус) pictures respectively. Ask the child to read the resulting word – сок (juice)!
  • Find and Write the Word“: Place the cheese (сыр), clouds (облака), and cactus (кактус) cards in a row on a sheet of paper. Display cards with letters с, о, к in a random order. Ask the child to name the picture, highlight the first sound, find the matching letter card, and write that letter below the respective picture. For beginners, visual support is helpful for letter formation. If this comes easily and there’s no difficulty, you can omit laying out letter cards.

“Lotto Cards for Learning Russian Letters” is a downloadable file. You can print as many sets as needed for working with your child or a group of children.


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